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A Quick Panamanian Coffee 30.03.2018
A Cayman Bucket List 06.05.2016
Machu Picchu, Cusco, and the Inca Trail 28.04.2016
I've been Scalped! 12.02.2016
A Single Mullet can Help the Children of Haiti 31.01.2016
Breakfast in Bed - Kids Style 18.12.2015
Cuba Bureaucracy - Slow Steps 17.12.2015
Returning to my Peruvian Ceviche Past 17.12.2015
Running the Chicago Marathon with Big Shoulders 07.10.2015
Foggy Impressions of Chile 23.07.2015
Cuba Libre: A Nation in Transition 09.05.2015
You Know You're Living in Grand Cayman When . . . 05.02.2015
A Tradition as Old as the Greek Olympics 07.12.2014
Eating Like a Super Model 27.11.2014
A Premier Graduation 23.11.2014
The Super Bowl Shuffle 22.11.2014
The Staycation 10.11.2014
Caymanian Postal Service 17.08.2014
A Caymanian National Sport . . . 02.08.2014
Inky the Iguana and Clucky the Chicken 22.07.2014
Cayman's Booby Birds 20.07.2014
Visiting the Bluff in the Buff 08.03.2014
Mount Trashmore 22.02.2014
Crossing Oceans 10.01.2014
A Laborious Thanksgiving 25.12.2013
Heineken or Corona? I mean Trick or Treat 15.11.2013
Roundabouting Grand Cayman 11.11.2013
Ivan's Salty Lemons 23.10.2013
Rum Point, Aim, and Shoot 07.09.2013
The Wide World of Cayman Sports 07.09.2013
Sticker Shock! 20.08.2013
Island Time on Grand Cayman 15.08.2013
Ahhh Papua New Guinea 14.08.2013
Refrain from Sex, Part 2 10.08.2013
Refrain from Sex, Part 1 15.07.2013
Flying the Friendly International Skies 08.07.2013
Caye Caulker, Go Slow Unless Chased By Mosquitos 23.06.2013
Onions and Oil - The Lone Star State 14.05.2013
Predictable Barça 17.04.2013
Careful with the Family Jewels 16.04.2013
Sweet Uruguayan Beef 09.08.2012
Reparto de la Cultura Tejana 03.08.2012
Comida Uruguaya 01.08.2012
¿Porqué Tienes un Elefante Azul? 31.07.2012
Los Dedos Están Demorados ¿Y Tu Punto? 30.07.2012
Kryptonita de Superman 28.07.2012
Un Día Dos Carteros Lucharon en la Calle 28.07.2012
¡Sílbame John Wayne! 26.07.2012
¡Guarda Ese Autógrafo! 25.07.2012
La Mejor Manera Para Hacer Amigos al Extranjero 24.07.2012
¿Porqué Me Tratas Con Frialdad Liceo Fabini? 23.07.2012
Jerga Uruguaya 22.07.2012
Plan Ceibal 21.07.2012
Albahaca – La Causa de Comunicación Interrumpida 19.07.2012
Vino Sudoso 18.07.2012
Un Ave Pintado en Concreto 17.07.2012
La Necesidad de un Cepillo de Dientes 16.07.2012
Mate Aprovechado 15.07.2012
Ancient Roman Sex Ed 12.07.2012
The Little Arroyo That Could 06.07.2012
Would You Like A Bathing Suit With That Beach? 08.01.2012
The Pilot That Overslept 04.01.2012
Don't Look a Churro Straight in the Eye 15.06.2011
Move Over Wiener, Here Comes the Beef 18.05.2011
It's Tangolicious with a Yogurt Surprise 18.05.2011
If You Think That Is Big . . . 18.05.2011
I'll Look Down the Eye of a Tiger, for One Moneda 18.05.2011
Argentina, You Might Think About Crying For Us 18.05.2011
¡Uh-Oh! Dulce de Leche Happens 18.05.2011
The 1968 Winter Olympics 17.05.2011
Seriously, You're Too Loud in Frigid Paris 17.05.2011
Breaking Down France 17.05.2011
What would you do with an extra 9 seconds? 07.05.2011
Amorous Canines Among Passing Pachyderms 28.04.2011
Restraining Orders and Secluded Canyons 10.04.2011
A Hairy Sumatran Chess Match 26.02.2011
The Makings of a Snow Angel 01.02.2011
Should chicken callers really do techno music 05.01.2011
Sometimes Touchdown Jesus Takes a Toll 31.10.2010
Panamanian Morning Calls 11.06.2010
Con Boca Abierta 10.06.2010
Can I Get a Dehumidifier Please 07.06.2010
El Primero Paso 03.06.2010
¡Pura Vida! 31.05.2010
Try Not to Fart in the Local Pub 03.08.2009
Luxembourg, where watches are . . . 31.07.2009
Tour de No Pants 22.07.2009
Don't Make Me Pull Out My Freedom Fries 18.07.2009
Is that a Shamrock in My Beer? 17.07.2009
That's Hawaiian Baby Making Music 15.07.2009
Xiping, Are You Sleeping? 09.05.2009
A Perfect 8 Pound Thai Souvenir 05.08.2007
7 Months Growth of a Thai Souvenir 26.05.2007
Clean Impressions of a Fat Place 02.05.2007
The Best and Worst of Globetrotting 06.04.2007
Mamma Mia, This Trip is Finito 25.03.2007
Ciao Bella Italia 19.03.2007
Much Addo About Elephants 13.03.2007
Surfing and Sliding Over Rough Coffee and Hogs 09.03.2007
Life on the Indian Sub-Sub-Continent 05.03.2007
African Electricity Not Included 25.02.2007
Made in China - Escalators and Shopping Galour 15.02.2007
Kunming to Frigid China 06.02.2007
Uncle Ho, Those Rice Paddies Are Way Too Green! 29.01.2007
Welcome to the Jungle . . . 20.01.2007
Sandy Bottoms and Hammer Pants 13.01.2007
The Vietnam Dong Song 03.01.2007
Christmas Scooters Gone Wild 28.12.2006
Running Among Cobras and Angkor Wat 20.12.2006
Turkey Shooting 20.12.2006
Shoe Badminton Around That Dam Stupa! 10.12.2006
Oh Baby, 3 for the Price of 2 02.12.2006
Elephant Heaven 19.11.2006
Happy Toilet, Happy Life 17.11.2006
Oh Koh Lanta, Get Off My Jungle Gym 01.11.2006
The King is Alive, But the Ferry has Keeled Over 24.10.2006
Answer: Hermano Domingo, Jane Goodall, and Matthew Pepper 17.10.2006
So What De Crap Thailand 10.10.2006
Bed bugs, or evidence that John really does have cooties? 04.10.2006
You Can Have Your Apple Juice - And Eat It Too! 25.09.2006
Buzzing Through Singapore 18.09.2006
Let's Get a Wriggle On 10.09.2006
I Don't Know Island, Chocolate, and a little Barossa wine 03.09.2006
G'day mate, let's put another shrimp on the barbie!!! 20.08.2006
40 million sheep 11.08.2006
Where have all the good underwear gone? 02.08.2006
Mommmmmmmy! 26.07.2006
Mullet, Mullet Man 24.07.2006
The Kindness of Strangers 19.07.2006
Surviving Probst's Aitutaki 10.07.2006
Kia Orana Rarotonga 03.07.2006
And Off We Go!!! 23.06.2006
Disaster Strikes!!! 22.05.2006
We took the first step in buying the tickets 06.04.2006
Just the Beginning 15.02.2006